Lewis Furey


Gone, you are gone...

Muss es eine Trennung geben - opus 33 #12

English adaptations Lewis Furey

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Gone, you are gone what went wrong, what happened?
Time and again my lonely heart breaks.
Is this some comedy God is stageing?
Caught in a game of ladders and snakes.

Is there a chapter that I should be reading?
Is there a verse that I can't understand?
Is there a sunset somewhere could be healing me?
Why are my castles all built on the sand?

Blood, look my blood is turning to gas.
Something's gone wrong...
I'm igniting, I'm shattring like glass.

If I'd never known what love is
maybe I'd have had a chance!

But as it is all I'll need now's the courage,
Courage to recognize sweet suicide.
She is my hope and she is my comfort.
I'm not alone, now Death's at my side.
She was my friend, now she'll be my bride!