Lewis Furey


I'm was an ordinary guy

20 years old in NY City, living on the fly
sniffing junk, getting a little high

watching the song in my baby's eye

But I needed a career, it was do or die
Become a rock star, I tought, live it up high

I suggested that I could play some kind of crazy king
Thought that I could read the spin on everything
All around me I heard a continual ring

It only felt better when I 'd sing

They said, it's just a game but I knew it was a dangerous think

It's not 'bout what you have to give but what they expect you to bring

I made my scenes, this had got to be where I belonged
I liked it when the buzz came on loud and strong

I could play on my piano, I could even play it wrong

I wasn't really looking to see if the cheers lasted long

Never saw myself as a clown for a faceless throng

My life was poetry, my life was song

Well that part's over now, guess I've turned into
the proverbial thing of longings and lusts, sure I've had my due

Now I can lay back and see if it was really true

Was I some kind of monster in this zoo?
I'll watch someone prettier, crazier, somebody new

who can make you dance your boogaloo