Lewis Furey


I dreamt there was an Emperor,
O such another sleep
that I may see
but such another man

If it might please you…

His face was as the heav'ns,
and therein stuck
a Sun and Moon,
which kept their course
and lighted the little O, the earth.

Most sovereign creature…

His legs bestrid the ocean;
His rear'd arm crested the world.
His voice was propertied
as all the tuned spheres,
and that to friends.
But when he meant to quail and shake the orb,
he was as rattling thunder.
For his bounty, there was no winter in't; an autumn 'twas
that grew the more by reaping.
His delights were dolphin-like:
backs showing above the element
they liv'd in.
In his livery walk'd crowns and crownets;
Realms and islands were as plates dropp'd from his pocket.

Think you
there was or might
be such a man
as this I dreamt of?

Gentle madam, no.
No, gentle madam, no.

You lie…

Nature wants stuff
to vie strange forms with fancy;
Yet to imagine an Antony
were nature's piece 'gainst fancy,
condemning shadows quite.

O such another sleep
that I may see
but such another man