Lewis Furey


The night is long and very warm
Turbulence - building up into a storm
Up and up into a storm
A storm has gotta break,
Gotta break, decisions to make

Better Move on
Out the door.
Out the door
Get me some hip hop
Get me some chop-chop
Move on
Down to the club,
catch the tide
Ride the wave of bodies inside
Move on

Move on towards the hub.
Dancing with a daemon with a cherub
Dancing, Dancing
at the music club
Da da da dancing - dancing
Give him a kiss, no lost blood...
Little sweat, little tears, little fluid exchange,
little rub-a-dub-dub
Move on -

Move on
'cross the floor
Dance like
you never danced before
Ah ah ah
Move on
Everybody's saying what I'm feeling
Move on
Do you feel the movement, feel the heat of the moment
Ah ah ah
Move on