Lewis Furey


Old Love

Alte Liebe - op.72#1

English adaptations Lewis Furey

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Again the bird is singing
I guess the winter’s gone
I’d come to enjoy the silence
the frozen crystal calm
White hard winter calm

There’s no mistaking the springtime
You couldn’t if you tried
The rush and roar of melting ice
The pulse that won’t subside
The hurt you cannot hide

I wonder what you’re thinking
wondering can you hear
the echoes of my longing,
do you enjoy this dear?

It’s strange I’m always expecting
the doorbell to ring
Your perfume and your pajamas...
I’ve kept most everything

I still can hear you breathing
beside me - is that your will?
How can I still be dreaming
The nights are awfully still

We dreamt a dream together
And now you are gone -
so much space here to fill!