Lewis Furey


We thought that death... (Autumn Mood)

Herbstgefûl - op.48#7

English adaptations Lewis Furey

We thought that death was something simple
We always thought we'd age with grace
But now a cold wind's blowing -
No pity
We’ve lost this race
We’ve lost – just like everyone,
Everyone looses this race.

The days are so cold and the sky's grey.
I'm chilled to the bone,
Never felt so alone;
Now I'm scared.
What did I think life was?
Just because I'd known love,
Did I imagine I was prepared?

The trees are bare,
Just sticks and twigs now
The autumn leaves rot on the ground
This is the way the world ends -
In a whimper

We thought we'd live forever, and ever
Now forever's come around