Lewis Furey


Closing the Door

words & music Lewis Furey

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when you go
i want you to know
you're closing the door
behind you
if i see you again
try not to pretend
we've lost anything
of value

my generosity, generosity
is fading fast for you babe
i don't want to hear 'bout tomorrow
curiosity, curiosity
is not going to be
the undoing of me
i'll carry my own tiny sorrow

like the hawk
who yearns to lock
his claws into every sparrow
you're the one
who loves to run
the needle through the bone
to the marrow

twenty lovers in a week
you can get them
sure you can
there's lots of geeks
and every mother one of them wants
to get lucky
maybe you need more than one man
probably a legion, everyone a fan
i'm trying to find it in me to hope
you're happy

but when you go
i feel you should know
you're closing a door
behind you
and if i see you again
promise not to pretend
we've lost anything
of value