Lewis Furey


Sweet Surrender

Dämmrung senkte sich von oben - op.59#1

English adaptations Lewis Furey

Darkness dripping
down from the heavens
All reality
slips away

Time has come
for sweet surrender
Come to me now
my darling, my slave

Cast your pride off
take off your clothing
Naked - come to me
wrapped in haze

All your sadness overflowing
Sure you can cry
‘cause there’s no more shame

Little ponies like to
dance and gallop
I’m watching you, I’m pleased

Step a little lighter
Hold your head a little higher
Better watch out, you’re bad now
O darling, you’re sad now

Time has come for
sweet surrender
You want to know...
You’re wondering does it show

Take off all your clothes
you’re naked
Yes you heard
Come to me without a word